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Hi Hunters! ???? I’m Aswin, Marketing Specialist at hatch I.T.

Today we are excited to share
hatchpad: the community for startup technologists.

We’ve interacted with thousands of developers, data scientists, product managers, and other technologists who work at startups in up-and-coming tech cities. Hatchpad is a resource where these technologists can connect and grow together, see behind-the-scenes of product startup tech teams, and discover ways to excel and advance in their careers.

We like to support startups that are in emerging tech cities like Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, and Washington, D.C. These areas are often overlooked but have a thriving startup environment featuring companies like Morning Consult, IronNet, Upside Business Travel, Territory Foods, Parsec, and MotoRefi.

Here are some things you’ll find on hatchpad:

???? Startup Search
Search startups in your region by tech stack and industry. We provide all the details you’d want to know about a company like: a detailed description of the product, how the technical teams are split up, who runs each department, and their remote work policy.

???? Job Search
Search jobs at funded startups. Find a role by tech stack, salary range, and remote work policy (Includes ample fully remote opportunities).

???? Tech Insights
Every month we speak with tech leaders, contributors, and thought leaders (like @aspittel @venikunche @hershtapadia @ianlotinsky) to gather insights on:
– how they’re building teams, culture, and their product
– tactical advice on advancing your startup career

???? Community Forum (Beta)
The forum environment allows technologists to interact with each other, ask questions, and learn from our codealongs and AMAs hosted by startup technical leadership.

If you are a current or aspiring product manager, developer, or technologist at a startup, we’d love to have you join the hatchpad community!

Visit hatchpad: https://myhatchpad.com

– Aswin John




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