NextUX Screen Capture Chrome Extension — Capture full-page screenshots from your browser

Hey PH!

I’m proud to officially launch the NextUX chrome extension. It makes it easy to capture full-page screenshots directly from your browser window to add contextual comments and iterate on in the accompanying NextUX app.

It’s perfect for pointing out bugs, proposing changes, and sharing feedback on the websites and web apps you’re working on.

The accompanying NextUX app was previously hunted a few months ago (

Start using the chrome extension by:
1. Adding the extension and creating a NextUX account (it’s free)
2. Clicking the “Connect to app” button
3. Clicking the “Authenticate” button

My goal is to make communicating feedback and designing websites and web apps easier for more people.

NextUX is great for product/project managers, marketers, engineers, founders, clients, designers, and anyone engaged in the creation of digital experiences.

I’d appreciate your feedback on the app, and invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on how to streamline web design iteration and feedback. Thank you!

– Andrew Coyle




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