onetool – 1st startup sold as an NFT — “Business is half art and half science” – We nailed the art!

Hi PH,

Meet the first startup ever sold as collectible art – Y Combinator-backed & failing as big as we thought big.

We are the first startup to turn a failed business into collectible art because as they say “business is half art and half science”. We got the second part of the quote wrong, but we nailed the first part.

onetool is a startup backed by famous Y Combinator which had the mission to think more than big and to make the impossible happen: to consolidate all 30K+ business apps out there like slack, GitHub, Gmail, etc. into one app-store for business software so companies can manage all their software in one place.

Needless to say that we couldn’t make it but we found that we had created a great piece of art along the way: a product that is absolutely not working but had convinced many investors to join the mission. Now, we are entering onetool’s last journey to immortality by converting this startup failure into an unforgettable piece of art.

This NFT includes the certificate of “the first startup ever sold as an NFT” as well as access to the most “valuable assets” of onetool in one, curated, piece of art:

Ownership Certificate of the first startup ever sold as an NFT
– onetool word trademark document (28 EU countries + USA)
– onetool logo and logomark
– App Store (front-end & back-end; non-functional): Store to buy SaaS, API, App Store Provisioning Suite & Team Management
– Provisioning and SaaS Management Suite (front-end & back-end; non-functional)
– All code, database, repositories, and integrations API of the onetool products described above
– Full documentation
– SEO-optimized website with 30 organic B2B leads coming in every month (growing 20% p.M.)
– domain
– App-store and provisioning suite figma files
– Y Combinator application and video pitch
– All Press releases for outlets like TechCrunch

Why this reserve price? It equals USD 1.65M which is the money we spent on creating this beautifully crafted piece of art over the last two years. Of course, it doesn’t reflect the value of all the sweat, tears, panic attacks, and sleepless nights we put into this.

NOTE: This purchase and sale is limited to the assets specifically outlined in this NFT offer, and Buyer shall not assume any liabilities of onetool Inc. or its subsidiaries or its individual shareholders, directors, officers, affiliates, creditors, parent or subsidiary companies, if any. The assets outlined here are explicitly sold as art as they might not be able to be used as a functioning technical product.

This is not a share deal and you won’t be getting access to things like (but not limited) shares, bank accounts, money, user data, personal data, credit cards, software subscriptions/licenses, accounts receivable, liabilities, etc. This purchase and sale is limited to the assets specifically outlined in this NFT offering.

– Gordian Braun




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