Suite Studios — Cloud based post production

Excited to share Suite with the community here! It’s time for studios to put their headaches behind them.

Our solution is simple, move studio infrastructure to the cloud.

_______ Compute _______
By providing users with virtual workstations, Suite removes the need for powerful on-premise desktops.

With Suite, studios can immediately spin up powerful, virtual workstations, that live in the cloud and can be streamed to any computer in the world.

These workstations can instantly be scaled up or down to more or less powerful machines depending on an editor’s computing needs at that particular time.

This means that if a client wants to shoot their project in 8K, studios don’t need to worry about their production time tripling waiting for their computers to catch up.

_______ Storage _______
Suite also provides the ideal storage solution for post-production. Studios have access to infinitely scalable cloud storage that is directly integrated with their workstations.

There are no more long transfers or downloads required, instead, files can be used immediately because both our workstation and storage live together in the cloud.

_______ Collaboration _______
By providing cloud-native studio infrastructure, Suite redefines what it means to collaborate.

Shared workstation access opens the door to real-time collaboration. Editors can stream and work together on the same workstation at the same time from anywhere.

When they need to share assets or finals, they can do so instantly at the click of a button.

Looking forward to speaking with you all!

– Craig Hering




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