Emuji: Musical Emoticons — Turn your texts into exclusive songs to share

???? Hello PH! We are Anima-AI, and we are super excited to share with you our first product Emuji, our musical emoticons!

We all know that everything is better with music, and as musicians, we began to think – ‘What if we could add music to our text messages as we do with memes and emojis?’ ????

So…. we created Emuji which can convert your texts into music that can easily be shared through any texting platforms for FREE! ????

Select the theme. Write your message. Click ‘Create.’ And… Voila! Your personalized Emuji is ready to be shared within seconds! ????

Send Happy Birthday greetings ???? Say ‘Hi’ to your crush ❤️ Troll your friends ???? Whatever the occasion, send your message as a personalized song with Emuji!

Let us know what you guys think. We would love to get your feedback and answer any of your questions. Enjoy!

Thanks so much,
Sang & Hang
Founders, Anima-AI

– Sang Koh




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