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My name is Saurav, and I’m a high school developer and entrepreneur. Lapis News is the first app I’ve developed, and I love where it’s at now. I’ve always enjoyed making people smile, and eventually decided to start a project on this focus. Over the past two years, the media grabbed the unfortunate events that played out as opportunities to get more clicks. Because bad news sells, a negativity bias has plagued the biggest newspapers in the world.

When I noticed the effects this pattern had on mental health (lots of research published on this), I decided to take action. I learned how to design, develop, and market a platform all from scratch, all with the goal to spread positivity. I learned how to work with Artificial Intelligence frameworks and build my own models from scratch. After putting my soul into Lapis News for the past year, I am estatic to launch the app on PH!

Here some of my favorite parts of Lapis News:

???? Daily good news to shut out negativity from your life and deliver you otherwise unnoticed events

???? A scrolling feed to view cute animals

???? A jokes page filled with puns and dad jokes

???? A newsletter to start your week off on a positive note (subscribe at!)

You can check it out at, or as Lapis News on the App Store.

– Saurav Kumar




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