UX and Research Kit for Figma — You can add great-looking research docs next to your designs

Hello, world!

This is UXRKit for Figma that enables you to add great-looking research methods next to your designs.
– To start a new project with a great impression as a Complete Designer
– To react quickly when you see the first missing information
– To plan interviews/user tests next to your designs
And all without wasting time looking for templates or creating them from scratch. With auto-layout and variants, everything looks great regardless of the amount of content!

50 templates
I’ve put together templates that should cover most of the cases where you might need them. The list of templates in the Table of content is linked to make it easier and faster to reach them.

What do people say about UXRKit?
„Thank you again for the lovely Figma file, it is a true rescue if one has to jump from 0 to 100%”
„UXR Kit is honestly one of the best files on the Figma community.”

Real-world examples
You will find not only blank templates with “Lorem ipsum” inside the files. I am systematically adding and will be adding real examples of ready-made examples, thanks to which it will be easier for you to prepare your own documents.

Clear categories
The file is divided into categories that will allow you to easily find the right template.

Variants ready
Publish UXRKit as a library – you’ll find one component that includes a list of all available templates.

What’s inside the full version?

Starter Documentation:
– Task Template
– User Story
– Web card

Service Design Templates:
– Starter documentation
– Target audience
– Stakeholders Map
– Proto Persona
– Competitive analysis
– In-deep Interview
– Empathy Map
– Persona
– Story Mapping
– Card Sorting
– Customer Journey Map
– User Testing Plan
– Usability Test Report Template

Design Sprint Templates:
– Sprint Challenge
– How Might We
– Lightning Talks Forms
– Existing Product Audit
– Competitor Audit
– Simple Customer Journey
– Google HEART Template

– File Covers for Projects
– Visual comment templates

Can I count on help and support?
Of course. I’m working on UXRKit out of a need in my heart, a passion, and a desire to develop it in a direction where it can become more and more useful. If you have any problems, ideas, questions – write to me: michal@aleksander.pro

– Michał Aleksander




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