Feedback Finder — Stop missing out on customer’s feedback

Do you run a physical business, like a restaurant, hotel, gym, etc? If so, do you actually know what your customers think? Unless they take the courage to tell you, you probably won’t find out. Well, using Feedback Finder you can find out what your customers think. This is a product that’s been in the works for some time, and I’ve spoken to different businesses, that have been interested and told me that this problem exists.

The solution is quite simple

1. Sign up
2. Download the QR-code from the dashboard
3. Design, print, and put out your flyers in your location
4. Let customers scan them and anonymously tell you their feedback
5. See the feedback in the dashboard and make data-driven decisions

Not running a physical business?

Feedback Finder works for you too! Simply take the feedback URL (find this on the dashboard) and use it wherever you want.

Please reach out to me if you want help getting started, I really mean it! You can either DM me or join our Slack community and reach out to me there! ????

– Albin Groen




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