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We are @felixgabler and Jan, two students who really love shared living. When we first moved into our shared apartment, we looked for apps that can help us stay organized. After some time, however, we noticed that all of the existing solutions were either missing tons of features or had too many bugs and ads.

This is why about 6 months ago we published our own household organizer app, OurFlat. Since then, we have really worked hard to deliver unique features and now offer numerous functions that are not yet available in other apps.

Some of the things that make us unique:
– Add multiple spaces – e.g. one for home with your partner and one on your holiday with friends
– Super easy setup: use your first name & invite with link; no registration necessary
– Make easy group decisions with polls in the chat
– Split your finances by percentage, amount, or share
– Customize your reminders for your chores or calendar
– Reserve entries on the shopping list to avoid duplicate purchases
– & so much more!

We would be more than happy to hear any feedback or suggestions from you and answer any questions!

Thanks everyone!

PS: Comment/contact me, if you want an iOS promo code – sorry, Apple doesn’t allow reusable codes.
Credit for the 3D thumbnail goes to https://previewed.app/template/0F7CC052

– Jan Marius Gruenwaldt




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