Shuffle for Bootstrap 5 — Three new UI libraries, shared workspace, and more

Hey Hunters,

I’m Dawid, and some of you already know me. I’m a developer and founder of Shuffle – a visual editor for busy developers. I worked for 12 years for digital agencies where we often created everything from scratch, and that’s why I started Shuffle. Our editor helps developers ship faultless projects on time, within a presumed budget, and without stress.✌️

What do We come to you with? Bootstrap 5 – it’s now fully functional in Shuffle, and we have 3 new designs, including the most anticipated Sirius Dashboard for Bootstrap 5.

Two of these will allow you to get away from the repetitive look of the original Bootstrap, and the third will kickstart every template that you need to create fast or from scratch.

This brings a total to 20 UI libraries in our editor. You get access to all of them when signing up. And along with that comes an editor that will make your work much more enjoyable and quicker. Available for four different frameworks – Tailwind, Bulma, Bootstrap, and Material-UI (soon we’ll add more!).

Try our demo for free – no registration is needed!

What else is new ????

✅ Shared workspace
You don’t usually create a website alone. That’s why in our team license, we added the option to collaborate on projects. Now you can freely exchange with your colleagues the phases of work on a template.

✅ Project history and restore button
This will come as a huge relief to many of our users. You can go crazy with changes and then calmly restore everything to yesterday’s state when you decide that you went too far.

✅ Dashboard for project preview
Sometimes projects take a long time to complete, so to help you stay organized, we’ve added a clear dashboard where you can quickly see when you’ve worked on what.

Thank you for all your support. Let us know in the comments what you think of our changes and what else you’d like to see.

Dawid and the Shuffle team

– Dawid Andrzejewski




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