Identance — A tool to identify and verify your users

Hey @ProductHuntCommunity!
My name is Vlad Brashchenko and I’m a CSO of Identance. We are really excited about this launch and hope for your support!

Our story started in 2013 when we were a part of the company. Back in those days, we were an inhouse product helping to face issues of the modern crypto-trading company. Since 2018 we have become an independent company and right now we have clients in both Europe and USA, with cases in crypto, insurance, real estate, car rental and healthcare industries.

We have always had a simple belief that making businesses safer is a huge task, but such verification services can make it a bit easier. During these years we have some principles I want to share with you:

– Automation – without a fully automated flow onboarding can not be fast. If it’s not fast, your user experience can be spoiled. That’s why the first step is to understand the needs of your business and implement the solution accordingly in the most comfortable way for your customers.

– Integrativeness – composable enterprise is a next chapter in SaaS development (Gartner says). Thus, Identance provides the ability to be integrated in any environment and any ecosystem. We have SDKs for iOS, Android or Web and API. And you can do all of them!

– Verify EVERYTHING – Identance is not offering only the option to check documents and make selfies, but much more. Phone numbers, emails, address of the place of verification and even the verification of corporate clients in our KYB tool – all of these are available and can be the best mix for your business to be sure of your clients.

– Working globally – if a service has territory restrictions, it can not be used even in one country, we believe. Right now people have the ability to travel almost anywhere, and in these cases businesses can lose very important international users. Identance works worldwide: more than 60 languages, 19 000 of documents already automated, 4000 government databases included and that’s not a full list.

– Client first – we understand that every business has its own special features. And Identance appreciates it. We will be glad to make customized features, add them per request in the shortest terms and provide you with support 24/7.

– Affordability – our principle is to give a great value to all great companies. That’s why we can give the most competitive prices on the market to start-ups, SMBs or Big Enterprises.

Today we are offering a 15% discount for a Product Hunt community member.
Will be glad to answer any questions. Just ping me here!

Let’s make online services a safer place together!

– Vladyslav Brashchenko




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