CoinRabbit — Earn & borrow crypto at any market conditions

Hello Product Hunt!

I’m Kyle – working at CoinRabbit.

We are very excited to announce our crypto-backed lending project.

What makes CoinRabbit different? ????

– Loans have no time limits
– Our clients should not pass KYC
– We have implemented solutions for any market conditions: bullish, bearish and stable
– CoinRabbit is literally the easiest crypto lending solution existing

What do we offer? ✅

We offer crypto-backed loans and crypto deposits services. Our features are:
– LTV (Loan-to-Value) is 50%
– We accept USDT ERC20/USDC/USDT TRC20 and many different assets such as BTC, NANO, XRP, DGB and more
– Unlimited time frames
– Unique risk-control and security system implemented
– Fast and furious working speed. Everything is done within 10 minutes
– Easiest apply form ever

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– Kyle Laffey




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