Dogfluence — We connect dogfluencers to brands

Hello Product Hunt!

We created Dogfluence ????. A platform where we connect dog influencers and brands.

How it works (example)????

A brand want’s to promote dog food and starts a campaign through our campaign manager with the following rules:

???? Url request – share the URL of the post in which you promote the product.
???? Media request – Video’s and photo’s of the unboxing experience. *
???? Review – Tell us what you think about the product.

Dog influencers who are interested from the united states with breed beagle can participate. The dog influencers send’s a campaign request and will be accepted or rejected by the brand. Once the dog influencer is accepted the product will be shipped.

The dog influencer must comply with the campaign rules before the end of the campaign. When the campaign has finished the brand can give the submission a rating
which is visible on the dog influencer profile page.

???? Statistics

– 31 brands;
– 379 users (dogfluencers);
– 484 registered channels;
– 400 registered dogs;

If you have any questions please let us know!

Follow us here:

– Lars Janssen




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