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Hi Product Hunt ????

My name is Frank, the creator of interestinsights, and I am very excited to share these latest updates with you!

With the help from +10K beta users and their feedback, we are launching interestinsights v2 ????

A new user friendly design and new features like:

– Search for multiple keywords
– Add suggestions for searches as keywords
– Create layers for saved projects
– Copy and export individual layers

Since the initial launch of interestinsights, have received a lot of feedback, resulting in this new design, to optimize the workflow for Facebook advertisers, save time in the advertisers daily tasks.

We launched almost 2 years ago, in a period where we have had the pleasure of introducing our platform to more than 10.000 individuals, a tremendous ride with more than 145.000 searches, 17.900.000 hidden interests found and analyzed more than 60.000 videos.

If you are unfamiliar with interestinsights, it gives every Facebook™ advertisers access to all the great Facebook™ interests that can be difficult to find. Facebook shows the same 25 interests on the same search every time, so as an advertiser, you are shown the same interests as your competitors. Without hours of research, most of the good interests seems hidden, but with interestinsights, all the interests will be shown at once, and faster.

Additionally do we have videos insights, that analyzes and compare your Facebook videos across multiple pages so you can make better videos for your audience and improve your audience retention. Furthermore do we have Group alerts for you to track keywords in Facebook groups and notify you when your keywords are mentioned, so you can turn group members into customers.

All this for free during our beta phase ????

Beta users who sign up now, will get 3 months for free when the beta ends by the end of this fall ????

– Frank Hald




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