LoadForge — Better, cheaper load testing for websites, APIs and servers

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We’re out of beta and releasing LoadForge! LoadForge is designed to be an affordable solution to load testing, that’s easy to deploy and scale.

Some highlights:

– It uses your cloud (optionally) – meaning you pay cents per test for large scale load testing, which is often really expensive.

– It’s easy to use, and you can script it in python (Locust), record your browser, use our wizard or copy an example.

– The reports are simple, concise, and help you to spot performance issues and understand your scalability.

– It’s capable of LARGE amounts of load (hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users).

– You can test up to 50 users for free so give it a try

TL;DR: LoadForge makes stress testing your web app or API really easy and really affordable for anyone.

– Dave Blakey




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