Octane AI Conversational Pop-Ups — A smarter breed of pop-ups for Shopify & Shopify Plus stores

Good morning Product Hunt fam ????????????

I’m Matt Schlicht, CEO and co-founder of Octane AI and together with my fellow co-founders Ben Parr and Leif K-Brooks, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Octane AI’s newest product: Conversational Pop-Ups!

For years, brands have been building on top of rented relationships from ad platforms like Facebook. They’ve relied on retargeting ads based on data that Facebook tracks using the Facebook pixel installed on your store. As of 2021 Apple has broken pixels on over 60% of mobile devices in the United States, and Google is going to do the same. Your marketing strategy needs to fundamentally change. You need to build deep relationships with as many site visitors as possible. And not only collect contact information, but learn people’s preferences, interests, concerns, & more. In short, you need to own your relationships.

???? Rented relationships
❤️ Owned relationships

We knew we wanted to create a solution to help you fix this problem and start owning your relationships.This is where the Conversational Pop-Up was born.

Conversation Pop-Ups are a completely new breed of opt-in tool that guides customers to the products they are looking for AND converts 2-6x better than a traditional pop-up. PLUS you can immediately use that data to segment your emails and SMS messages on platforms like Klaviyo.

???? Greet people with your conversational pop-up
???? Build a deep relationship with your quiz
❤️ Power segmentation on your owned channels

Not using Conversation Pop-Ups yet, we’re offering a free 30-minute activation call to set up your Conversational Pop-up and teach you how to fight back against declining conversion rates.

– Matt Schlicht




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