Semplates — Easily manage and edit AWS SES templates

Semplates is an email editor solely to provide a user interface for AWS SES. AWS SES is Amazon’s email service (similar to Mailchimp or Sendgrid), but it does not provide a graphical tool to edit and manage your email templates and is therefore around 100x cheaper. It’s only usable via the CLI (command-line interface) and therefore its focus is on developers and only developers. It’s widely used if a company is already using AWS and our idea is to enable non-developers to build and manage all templates easily and create beautiful emails using drag-and-drop functionalities.

Here are some additional features:
**Easily edit SES email templates:** Design engaging and responsive email templates that carry your brand. Our drag-and-drop templates editor allows you to integrate images, links, or pure HTML easily so you can create vivid reading experiences. You can also use placeholders to send personalized email content.

**Organize AWS SES email templates:**
Design new email templates from scratch or based on our email template starters. Duplicate existing templates or import email templates directly from your SES account. Create and attach tags to organise your SES email templates. Quickly search, filter, and sort through all your email templates. Work collaboratively with your teammates on your email templates.

**Import your SES email templates**
Import your existing email templates from SES with Semplates’ Template Import functionality. Doing so allows you to manage all your existing email templates visually in one place with Semplates. Never ask your developers again to pull some templates from SES, but import your email templates directly via Semplates.

We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas! If you have any questions let us know.

– Joshua Cauchy




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