QuickQuery — Seamlessly convert any database into Excel Report

Hey hunters, Daniel from QuickQuery is here.
The idea of developing the product came to me while I worked at an early-stage startup as a software engineer.

This marked the beginning of my career as a Software Engineer. While working there I had many duties and there were times when I struggled I little due to lack of experience. In addition to my own responsibilities I also brought the data from the database assisting my non-technical colleagues. This occurred frequently. Therefore, I spent most of my time writing SQL queries and my non-technical colleagues waited for Excel reports that were generated from the database in order to continue working.

After watching this happen over and over again, the thought came to me, “What would happen if they could retrieve the needed data themselves? How much time and effort would that save them and the company?” These thoughts lead to a project I developed to do just that. So, if you’re a PM Customer Support Manager, or a Business Analyst, using my program, you can now generate needed datasets on your own without any support from your IT department.

– Daniel Nikulshyn




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