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Hello everyone! I’m Paul, Co-founder of Bunn.Fit.

My friend and I have been doing bodybuilding/powerlifting for the past four years. For the first couple of years, we simply watched YouTube videos and followed random routines we found on Google. As you may know, beginners experience explosive growth at first but later start to slow down.

For us, after becoming quite proficient with what people call the big three of body building (Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift), our progress slowed down drastically, often taking us weeks to progress.

That is when we realized the importance of setting solid workout plans and searched for the best method to do so. In our journey, we tested almost every workout tracking app in the market, but none of them met our needs.

So, we decided to build our own app!

Planning and tracking your workout is a pretty important habit if you want to build your body faster. Everyone knows that planning is the key to success in any field, but easier said than done. Most people struggle to make plans because of two reasons:

1. They don’t know how to plan a workout

2. Planning everyday is too much of a hassle

Bunnfit solves these problems by providing:

1. Specialized workout routines that meet your fitness level. All routines are based on well known and trusted workout programs in the market.
2. A simple and intuitive UI that requires only few steps to build your workout routine.

Currently, the app is equipped with all the functions you’ll need to build your own routine but only has one workout program(Staring Strength) at this point.

We are planning on progressively adding more programs as follows:

– Madcow (Strength Training) – 1st week of Aug
– U.S Marine Pull up routine – 2nd week of Aug
– Burpee challenge – 3rd week of Aug
– 5/3/1 Wendler (Strength training) – 4th week of Aug
– Plank and Push-up program – 1st ~2nd of Sep

It’s almost been a year since we started, and we’re very excited to launch our app on Product Hunt to get some honest feedback!

This is really just the beginning for us and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

We would appreciate any comment or feedback, no matter how small it may be.

– Thank you

– Paul Lee




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