Focus Wall — Optimize your wall so you never lose track.

Hi Product Hunt! ????

Focus Wall is a clean and minimalist wallpaper app that lets you keep everything you need to focus on right in one place, your wall!

We’ve all been there, creating numerous to do lists upon to do lists, both on paper and digitally, and ending up with something that might get a bit messy at times. The list in your phone memos is different from the one on your to do app which is again different from your post-its.

That’s where Focus Wall comes in, keeping all your important to-dos in that one perfect place that see everyday, your desktop wall!

Originally, the plan was to just have an app where you could organize your to-dos and have them displayed on your wall. However, Focus Wall goes a bit further than that now. From having various customization options, beautiful textures and even a live clock on your wall so you never miss your next deadline! ⏰

Even More Features!
– Clean Design
– Launch on Start
– Several Screen Positions
– Multiple Lists
– Textures and Colors
– Private and Secure
– Fonts and Scaling
– Free Lifetime Updates
– And even MORE!

As of now, Focus Wall is available only on Windows. Support for other platforms (including Mac and Linux) are coming soon!

Focus Wall is my first ever Product Hunt launch! And its the first in a series of productivity apps I’ve been building, so if you like this stay tuned for even more!

Can’t wait for you to try it out and hear your feedbacks and suggestions! ????

And since you’ve made it all the way here, here’s a coupon code for you! Use code PRODUCTHUNT on Gumroad for 60% off, just for today!

Let’s optimize your wall today!

– Ayan S




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