How to Do LinkedIn Outreach in 2021 — Real-life cases and strategies that work

If you are thinking about starting a LinkedIn outreach campaign, or, probably, you’ve run out of ways to improve it, we’ve prepared the ultimate step-by-step guide.

We know that our clients always want to brush up their LinkedIn outreach game because they know how powerful ???????? this platform can be for generating leads and growing business. Sometimes, LinkedIn is considered to be three times more effective than email ????.

When we first started, we didn’t know what our starting point was. This is why we decided to make a comprehensive guide so that you can take full advantage of your LinkedIn network and never fear cold messaging again.

With our How-to Do LinkedIn Outreach in 2021 guide, you will learn how to:

???? make a friendly connection request;
???? use ready-made templates;
???? re-engage inactive leads;
???? add value to reconnect with your audience;
???? use multichannel campaigns to boost conversions into MQL leads;
???? boost your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

We hope this guide will help you build a solid LinkedIn strategy for your business to squeeze every drop of the platform. We truly believe that LinkedIn can be your go-to tool for inside sales teams when it comes to prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals. Just know how to use it!

Share your thoughts with us ????

– Vladislav Podolyako




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