Notion Work Journal — Dashboard to meet all your targets and optimize time usage

Hey Product Hunt ???? , We are delighted that all of you liked our ‘Library’ Template and did yourself a great favor by using it to make consistent reading????, a habit for a lifetime. Reading is an essential element to a fulfilling life, but so is work!

So yes! we are back with another productivity template ????- The ” Work Journal Template ” which is a job and content organizing template ✍- Taking care of all of your deadlines???? , segregating tasks into sections and priorities ⏳ , and different modes of views. Finally – the freedom to track and monitor your work????, allowing you to tweak your work methods to derive maximum efficiency????

There’s so much more to discuss, but before that- It’s time to credit the creator of this amazing template ????  and another maker of Prototion – ‘Chak Shun Yu’

Prototion helps makers monetize ???? their Templates and provide them a fair chance at sharing their template with the world. If you want to be a maker in our community too, visit

Cheers! ???? ????

– Sarthak Sharma




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