Spoonie — Make the Internet silly using spoonerisms!

Hi Product Hunters! ????

I realised I spend many hours on the internet everyday reading all kinds of serious opinions, sensational news articles with clickbait-y headlines, and heated discussions on social media. I thought the Internet could be sillier, more fun.

So, I built ✨Spoonie✨. Spoonie is an absurd little Chrome extension that mangles the text on all the websites you visit into specific humorous patterns called Spoonerisms[1]. See the images in the gallery for some examples!

Usage is really simple – you just click the icon and the current page gets instantly spoonerized. You click it again to disable Spoonie.

Spoonie is open-source[2], works entirely in your browser, has no servers, and makes zero network calls. Spoonie does not phone home because your browser is its only home.

Try it out. I hope it adds some chuckles to your day!


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoonerism
[2] https://github.com/postmalloc/spoonie

– Srimukh Sripada




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