Systemize — Create new habits and achieve more goals in life

Hey product hunters,
I’d like to introduce our most exciting app yet, Systemize. An app that was built to help people improve their life by achieving more goals and creating new habits.
You can think of Systemize as a goal & habit tracking app, where you create a goal, like “Run a marathon in 3 months”, set a deadline, create a system (like Run 5km every day), then track your progress over time.

Systemize comes with a lot of awesome features like:
????‍???? Beautiful minimalistic design
????️‍♂️ Easily create goals and systems
???? Track your progress over time
???? Set daily reminders
???? Add notes to your systems
????‍♂️ Add motivation quotes to your systems
☀️ Choose the days you want to work on a certain goal/habit
???? Goal templates: Where you choose a goal, like “Become Smart” or “Get Fit”, then a group of goals with their systems will be created for you in no time!
???? Influencers: Where you can choose to “Be like Elon Musk” or “Train like Kobe Bryant” and you will get a group of habits and goals that those people do every day!
???? Case studies: In-depth case studies with a beautiful design to learn more about how to manage your time or how to improve your life
???? Shorts: Short articles to learn more in less time
???? Ad-free
And a lot more!

I’m committing to making this app the best goal & habit tracking app in the market. The future looks bright, I hope you like this app as much as I do. If you have comments, feedback, or you want to just say hello, I will be here answering all your comments and taking notes of your reviews ????

– Amine Khaoui




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