Frich — Social finance app for Gen Z – challenge your friends!

Frich was born out of a personal pain point we wanted to solve.

Together with my co-founder Katrin, we’ve lived in more than 20 cities both as students and professionals, which is how we realized that it’s incredibly expensive to build and maintain a friend group – whether it’s late night cocktails, dinners out or brunch dates.

We realized socializing until broke is a real issue not only for us, but also for our friends.

The problem is serious – almost 40% of Gen Z are willing to go into debt just to keep up with their friends and 1/3 of college students already have credit card debt on top of their student loans.

We are constantly under pressure to keep up with our friends’ social life spendings.

Even though our friend group has figured out how to keep ourselves accountable when staying fit with a gym buddy or studying for our exams with a study group, we couldn’t find a way to do it for our finances.

Frich is the first social finance app that helps Gen Z develop more mindful spending habits by setting goals together with friends and keeping each other accountable. Imagine a fitness app but for your finances.

Our secret sauce is bringing accountability to finances.

– Aleksandra Medina




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