exegesis — a writing app for disorganized, creative, nonlinear thinking

Hi ProductHunt!

It’s been over 2 years since I posted my last product YANA here. Since, the notetaking space has seen an explosion of new contenders. Most of the focus has been on notetaking and “personal knowledge management.”

Here is my contrarian thesis: the true potential of a writing app isn’t to help you record what you already know, it’s to help you create something entirely new. It should be a playground built from your ideas – a jungle gym of thoughts where you can swing from one idea to the next effortlessly. The point isn’t to have a second brain, or to remember everything. It’s to help your ideas combine in interesting ways.

I have crafted exegesis to reflect this goal in both form and function. Features like hover previews let you preview other notes and excerpts easily, so comparing and combining ideas is easy. You can also share your ideas easily by publishing directly from exegesis. I do so myself – here’s my public exegesis profile: https://exegesis.io/user/NgoLSKVFbFdTv2cnsvzhgUAvMR02

Here are a couple of essays on exegesis, published on exegesis: https://exegesis.io/post/aadd99000-08ed-11eb-ae72-c39eea4ba4be

As far as form goes, my hope is that it will not be used exclusively by techies and productivity nerds who are already familiar with bullet point apps and markdown, but rather by creatives who wouldn’t otherwise have used such a tool. To that end, exegesis presents a familiar, MS word/Google-docs inspired interface that should be familiar to anyone. I’ve tried to make features like bidirectional links and tags more accessible by creating detailed tutorials accessible from inside of the app. You can find them here: https://exegesis.io/learn

I’ve also tried to craft a unique aesthetic for the app. You can read more about the design process here: https://twitter.com/exegesis_app/status/1404539187831795716

I hope you enjoy using exegesis as much as I enjoyed making it.

– Nicholas Chen




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