Oasis ❊ — Wellness in your New Tab

Hello, product hunters! ????

I’m Suraj S. – one of the developers of Oasis ❊, along with Ben F., Devin K., and Shubham G.

Oasis started with one simple question — how can we be more mindful every day? Our goal, to build a product that helps people take a few seconds out of their day for themselves. So, we decided to do something about this especially given the importance of mental health!

That something is Oasis. It replaces your new tab page with wellness activities including breathing exercises, mood check-ins, and customization options to adjust themes, fonts. Along with wellness activities, there’s a new custom-picked art piece displayed every few hours to give a sense of peace, while you open your new tab!

The key features ????:
– Mood check-in
– Breathing exercises
– Custom themes, fonts, images

We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions! And stay tuned for more features and updates as we continue to explore the world of wellness!

P.S. We have prepared something for all the hunters as well 🙂 During our launch, you can purchase a Premium plan with 25% off and keep the same price forever.

– Suraj Shah




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