Simply HR — An all-in-one HR workspace template for Notion

Hello PH family,

This is my second product launch on PH.

Thanks for supporting my first product Job hunter Notion template. It was a huge hit as I got more than 500 downloads within 3 days.

Notion is a wonderful tool when it comes to manage productivity systems and build custom workflows.

Human resource management could be a complex task managing all the resource, handing multiple databases and process workflows all together. HRM is such a complex but important system to be in place to help HR executives simplify their workflow and be more productive.

I am Human resource head at a startup based out of New Delhi, India. I have created multiple workflows in past and used various softwares to handle HR tasks and responsibility. However, I end up developing a perfect system workflow on Notion which helped me to be more productive day in and out and as well as share resources with rest of the team.

I would love to share this workflow with the rest of the HR executives and startup founders who find it difficult to manage Human resource and would love to try a simple workflow Notion system.

Simply HR includes,

HR workspace
HR communities
HR Resources
Document templates
Shared employee board

Feel free to checkout my Notion template on gumroad and leave a feedback on the product. I would love to create more products like this.


– Animesh Srivastava




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