Apollo — Unix-style personal search engine for your digital footprint

Hi PH!

Apollo is an attempt at making something that has felt impersonal for the longest time, personal again.

The computer revolution produced personal computers yet impersonal search engines. So what’s Apollo? It’s a Unix-style search engine for your digital footprint. The design authentically steals from the past. This is intentional. When I use Apollo, I want to feel like I’m traveling through the past.

How do I define digital footprint? There are many possible definitions here, I define it as anything digital I come across that I want to remember in the future.

It’s like an indexable database or search engine for anything interesting I come across the web. There are also some personal data sources I pull from like Athena for my thoughts or Zeus for curated resources or Kindle Highlights. This is in addition to any interesting thing I come across the web, which I can add directly via the web crawler.

The web crawler can scrape any article or blog post and reliably get the text – so you can index the entire post without even having to copy it! Once again, this is intentional. I read a lot of stuff on the Internet but don’t take notes (because I’m lazy). Now I can index anything interesting I come across and don’t have to feel guilty about not having made notes. So just to be clear, I’m not indexing just the name of an article – I’m indexing the entire contents! If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

I no longer have to rely on my memory to index anything interesting I come across. And now you don’t have to either

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/amirbolous)

– Amir Bolous




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