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Hey Product Hunt!


I’m Avi, founder of Coursenest.

For some time, I’ve felt that Cohort Based Courses are the future of online education.

Here’s why –

✅ Community
People get to interact, socialize and learn with each other during the entire duration of the cohort. It is the perfect environment to expand your network and learn with like minded people. Personally, I’ve met some amazing people during the cohorts I joined.

✅ Accountability
It is often said, in order to reduce how much your procrastinate, get an accountability partner. That’s exactly what CBCs do. When you learn and perform tasks in a group, you tend to procrastinate a lot less and are much likely to complete the given tasks.

✅ Time Bound
Unlike the traditional online courses, CBCs start and end at a particular date. This creates a sense of urgency and accountability when you’re working on the assignments.

✅ Portfolio of Work
Since you get to complete assignments in real time, by time the cohort ends, you can present these assignments as sample projects in your portfolio when you start looking out for freelance gigs/jobs.

However, I noticed that not may people are aware about what actually CBCs are. This made finding the right ones very difficult ????

Hence, the idea of Coursenest was born ????

Coursenest allows you to discover the top CBCs for various skills, for free. 

For creators, it allows them to get discovered by people who are interested to learn the skill they teach.

I’m super excited to launch, since this is my first launch on Product Hunt ????

I can’t wait to know what you think and hear your feedbacks!

If you have any questions, please comment them down below ????

I hope you like the product.


– Avi Gupta




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