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I’ve recently graduated from IIT Delhi. Since my freshman years at college, I’ve seen professional networking platforms falling sort of their goals. It’s hard for startup founders and professional networkers to find similar-minded people for building a qualitative professional network. Finding the right professionals is one of the toughest parts of starting up. So, we started on the idea and built Creatospace. We found out some key problems that needed to be resolved:

1. Connections are mostly limited to friends, co-workers and relatives.
2. Recruiters spend hours going through CVs, finding the best candidates.
3. Followers are limited to learn from content creators.
4. People who build communities have to externally funnel an audience.
5. Currently it’s are hard to monetize the audience.

P.S.: Currently, professional networking and business job posting are free and open to all. So join before the beta trial ends!

– Saswat Mishra




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