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Hello Product Hunt ????,

Today @nitin_shingate and I ( @vikram_raghavan ) are thrilled to announce the public launch of Finexy, a product (meaning – we wish someone would have paid us to build this but no one did ????) that has taken us just over a year and a half to develop.

When we first conceived Finexy, our initial observation was simple:

Robinhood needs a companion app. While Robinhood has made it super simple for people to trade stocks, the market has significantly under-indexed in providing tools necessary to enable investors to go from sentiment traders (think: trending social media stock) to long-term value investors. A necessary transition because long-term investing generally yields better returns than sentiment trading over the long haul.

Knowing that, our product thesis was:

Could we provide investors with a set of tools that allow them to research and invest like a pro without burning through hours learning about financial theory and building a research framework. While we still have a long way to go, we believe our product has made significant strides in the right direction.

???? Over the last six months, our closed group of beta customers have consistently beaten the market by over 20% by following two simple steps:

1. Using screeners and stock research to shortlist high quality stocks

2. Using the portfolio builder to determine the right mix of stocks to buy to maximize returns while minimizing risk

While no platform or person can guarantee results, what we can tell you is that most successful investors like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and Ben Graham have outperformed the market by sticking to a research framework and focusing on long-term investing. I hope our products will allow you to do precisely that.

Finexy is free for anyone to use. Please share your feedback, questions, and comments! I hope the product helps you put your money to work in a meaningful way.

Happy investing!

Nitin and Vik

– Vik Raghavan




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