Octane Billing — Easily price on usage, SaaS billing without headaches

???? Hey ProductHunt, Akash here, the co-founder of Octane. We are excited to be launching on ProductHunt and want you to try it out! We are firm believers that consumption-based billing models brings the best value for both buyers and sellers – not to mention it’s a pricing model that scales well!

???? The Problem

The most successful SaaS companies (AWS, DataDog, Twilio, Snowkflake, etc.) are all offering consumption-based billing to their customers. But it takes teams of engineers to implement it – we know from experience.

???? The Solution

We’re here to level the playing field for anyone to bill like a giant. Our product allows you to reliably start offering flexible consumption-based billing to your customers in as little as 30min. Sign-up now and test it out!

???? How is Octane different?

???? Expressive Price Plans: Create price plans that bill on consumption with zero code. Include base rates, add-ons, discounts, trials with a click of a button.
????️ Simple APIs and SDKs: Integrate in minutes with simple SDKs that wrap the powerful Octane API.
⚡ Real-time Accounting: View detailed breakdowns of customer consumption and spend. Share customizable reports and dashboards with your customers.
???? Automated Billing: Sit back, relax, while Octane converts usage to revenue. We compute customer bills and automatically sends charges through your preferred payment gateway.
???? Trusted by Data, fintech, and SaaS businesses.

????‍♂️About Us

We are a strong team that has worked at tech firms like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. We have experience building consumption-based billing services at previous companies. We are backed by VC and Angels with experience at companies like Twilio and GitHub.

????️ Who can use this?
We enable developers and product owners to monetize effectively.

???? How can I get it?
Grab your API keys in the portal and get started quickly in our docs – https://octane.readme.io/ Create price plans and start billing your customers on consumption-based plans in minutes. We provide SDKs written in Python, NodeJS,.

We’d love to hear what you think!

– Akash Khanolkar




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