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Hi Product Hunters ????

Makers here. We started building Optery with a vision for a safer world through data privacy and a strong conviction that a product needed to exist that protected people from the unwelcomed use of their private information by data companies. We are excited to share what we’ve been building and hope you’ll try it out as part of your online privacy defense toolset ????.


If you sign up (free), we show you where your information is being sold and exposed online at 150+ people search sites – things like your home address, cell phone, email, birthdate, family members’ names, estimations for income and net worth, ethnicity, religion, political affiliations, and past addresses. Our dashboard provides dynamically generated custom deep links you can click through to view your profile at most of these sites. If a link leads to a “Not Found” or 404 page, it means your profile was not immediately found. After you sign up, we produce a customized Exposure Report sent directly to your email with screenshots typically of ~40 – 60 sites posting your info.

People’s jaws usually drop when they realize how much of their personal information is openly posted by these sites on the public internet ????. We then provide free and paid options to have your profiles removed from these sites.

We only support U.S. residents at this time.


If you’ve ever Googled yourself and seen results from companies like InstantCheckmate, TruthFinder, Spokeo, ArrestFacts, InfoTracer, Intelius, CellRevealer, MyLife, WhitePages, FreePhoneTracer, etc – these are the types of sites we give you visibility into and remove you from.

These sites are used to find long lost friends, but they’re also used by identity thieves, hackers, spammers, phishers, doxers, swatters, stalkers, criminals and lawyers to act against you ????. If you care about your digital privacy protection posture, you can reduce your surface area for attack by removing your personal information from these sites.


– We do not sell data. We are not a data broker. We do not have any financial relationship with any data broker. We are not affiliated with any data broker.

– We do not share or disclose the private email address you use to sign up for Optery with data brokers. When submitting opt outs, we create private email addresses that we manage on your behalf.

– We do offer Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) / 2-Step Verification (2FA) for an additional layer of account security.

– We are continually expanding our list of covered data brokers, but we currently do not cover all data brokers in existence today.

– Some data brokers process opt out removals within 24 hours, but others take weeks or months to comply. We keep customers posted on progress with configurable alerts.

– There is a Catch-22 where in order to submit an opt out, you have to tell the data broker who you are. If you don’t tell the data broker who you are, they have no way of knowing who they should remove. We only submit to data brokers the minimum amount of information necessary for them to locate the profile, and then remove it, which, in the majority of cases is: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, City, and State.

– We only support U.S. residents at this time. Non-U.S. residents are welcome to sign up, and will be notified when their country is supported.


Introducing Optery Blog Post: https://www.optery.com/introducing-optery-remove-yourself-from-150-people-search-sites-like-truthfinder-mylife-radaris-socialcatfish-spokeo-whitepages/

Help Desk for FAQ and Support Requests: https://help.optery.com/


Thanks to our early users for keeping us on our toes with incredibly valuable feedback, and to you Product Hunters for checking us out today! ????

– Lawrence Gentilello




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