Pond (joinpond.com) — A “dating app” for business tools that pays nonprofit users

Hi I’m Mitch! I started Pond to give every nonprofit organization equal access to the best tech. I dreamed of a market solution and not one dependent on philanthropy – which has failed the sector to date in ensuring maximum tech enablement.

When we built our first version of the nonprofit tech marketplace in 2020, we learned that we needed to do even more to lower nonprofit hurdles of limited time, money, expertise and trust in technology.

So we reimagined the marketplace in 2021 to be one where vendors shopped for potential customers (matched like a dating app!) and paid them for their time.

Pond’s innovative, but obviously simple, model incentivizes nonprofit leaders to share more about their problems, saves them tremendous time in search / discovery of solutions and builds a balance of cash to fund the tools they are chronically underfunded for.

If you work with a nonprofit or offer a solution that nonprofits use, we’d love to hear your feedback and encourage you to join Pond! It’s completely free to join – actually paying nonprofits to use it – and providers only pay if and when they connect with a potential customer they hand selected as a good fit.

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– Mitch Stein




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