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Hi Product Hunt!

A lot has happened since we released as a side project last November. We’ve fostered an amazing community, grown our team 300% (from 1 to 3 people ????), and went from side project to real company when we raised a small seed round in February.

@mehdi_mulani, @wjosephflynn, and I are building because existing professional platforms don’t do a good job of telling your professional story — instead, they are optimized for data acquisition to sell to recruiters and advertisers.

We’re building the best self publishing tools to tell your professional story on your terms, without upsells, vanity metrics, and ads plastered on your profile.

Up until this point we’ve been focused on building great single player experiences, with profiles and pages. Today we’re excited to announce a new social layer with three new features:

* Front Page — the new front page serves as a community hub, showcasing the most interesting projects and experiences from around the platform. What’s featured are experiences, not posts — it’s a celebration of what you’ve done, not content optimized for likes and comments.
* Replies — Leave a reply on any experience, page, or status update to kick off a conversation. Replies are all sent privately so you don’t have to worry about something unsavory being posted on your profile.
* Following — Stay up to date with friends and collaborators by smashing that follow button. Profile updates from people you follow will show up in your Following tab. Don’t worry, we don’t show any follower counts in the app.

We hope these features will really set the tone for the platform and allow people to connect in a way that feels more natural than LinkedIn. And if what we’re building sounds interesting to you please join up and let us know what you think!

– Andy Chung




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