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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Aymeric, co-founder of Smooth Remote. Together with @a_moleda, we’d like to introduce this community to our very first ‘baby’ – a new 100% remote jobs board

I know what you’re all thinking – “seriously, another job board?” Well, yes and no. Despite there being a fair few job boards on the market, people still struggle to find the right roles. I worked in a corporate tech environment (office-based) and saw a lot of talent and potential being wasted. So I left my office job and went hunting for a remote one. During that process I also experienced many obstacles. Aga, on the other hand, has been working remotely for many years and she’s seen it from both the perspective of a candidate looking for remote work and as a director hiring and managing remote teams. As we were both using some of the existing remote job boards, we realized what was missing and how we’d do it differently. We wanted to create a smoother environment both for remote job seekers as well as employers looking for remote employees. That’s how the idea of Smooth Remote arised.

What’s there?
– 100% remote jobs with 15 categories
– Smooth search and possibility to search using tags
– Comfortable environment and friendly, seamless interface, with ‘warm’ and friendly look for both job seekers and employers
– Affordable plans including one starting from $0! (incl. careful listing reviewal process)
– Attractive bundles options – possibility to purchase packages of job listings to use anytime in the future (without expiration date)
– Comfortable panel for employers to manage their jobs, bundles, and company profile.
– No shady ‘auto renewal’, hidden fees, or predatory ‘mandatory subscription’ when paying for a job listing
– Clear search by ‘location’ – even though jobs are remote, some companies require employees to be in a certain time zone. Why waste time searching through jobs that you can’t apply for?
– Company profiles for companies hiring remotely
– And… ‘Arthur the Sloth’, our Head of Happiness helping throughout the process 😉

This is the Smooth Remote 1.0 version of the site app, so we’d really welcome your feedback to keep improving it! We plan to continue publishing engaging resources both for people looking for jobs and managers running remote operations, and to keep developing different features in the future.

Stay tuned! Let us know what you think, we very much appreciate your feedback!

– Aymeric Orella




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