StartUp Fundraising Resources — 100+ resources that help you raise money

Hey fellow Makers ????❤️,

I just love everything related to raising money – from creating pitch decks to thinking about the best strategy.

But if you are raising money for your startup the first time it’s really hard. Luckily there are so many investors and founders that share their experience about the process.

I decided to curate the best 100+ startup fundraising resources – from videos to articles and templates.

You can filter the resources for these categories:

???? Pitch Deck
???? Process & Strategy
???? Investors
???? Metrics
???? Outreach
???? Captable
???? Legal & Term Sheet
???? Financial Model
???? Founders
???? Inspiration
???? Valuation

???? Happy fundraising!

I hope you enjoy this resource and get some value! Let me know any feedback you may have and feel free to share the word about it!

All the best, Max

– Maximilian Fleitmann




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