BlackOakTV — Netflix for black content.

Hey Product Hunt!

I’m Uzo, the CEO of BlackOakTV. I grew up watching and loving all of the amazing black sitcoms that came on in the 1990s, like “Family Matters”, “Living Single”, and “Martin”! But as many of you probably know, studies have since shown that there is a massive amount of black underrepresentation in TV and film today. BlackOakTV wants to change that!

We are a new subscription service dedicated to delivering and creating black content. Today, we’re simply are aggregating existing content that’s out there, and creating new, original content, and delivering it over the top to our apps on iOS, Android, Roku, Firestick. Over time, we hope to add a lot more titles and a fun, social and differentiated viewing experience for all of our users! Ultimately, our goal is to be THE place with the most and best black content, while putting an end to today’s underrepresentation of black people in media.

A couple of things to note as you check us out:
– We currently have a 7-day free trial which leads into our $4.99 per month subscription
– We have north of 40 titles, which isn’t a lot, but we add new original content every Friday and try to grow our library every month.
– Much of our original content comes from popular YouTubers, so if you know of any you don’t see here and want them added, let us know.

We’d love your feedback, so please check us out and use PH50 to get 50% off the first month. I’m around for the day and happy to answer any questions that you all may have!

– Uzo Ometu




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