CampTag — Standardize and manage UTMs and marketing taxonomy

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I am pleased to announce the public launch of CampTag, our marketing taxonomy and UTM management platform. CampTag is a product developed by Nabler (, an award-winning data analytics consultancy.

In our experience as consultants on digital advertising analytics, we noticed that even clients that had advanced (and expensive) marketing analytics platforms were still using spreadsheets to create and manage their campaign names, ad names and UTMs. This wouldn’t have been a problem 10 years ago when UTMs had just the five golden parameters (medium, source, content, term, campaign) and each of them was a single word long. But with ROI attribution and marketing analytics being as advanced as it is, UTM parameters are now anywhere from 7 – 15 words long.

When our clients tried to create these complex UTMs and names in their spreadsheets, they ended up with shared workbooks that were impossible to manage and riddled with data-entry errors.

More often than not, customers fixed this with complex ETL which cost them several thousand dollars extra just to make sure that the UTMs and names were fixed before they were ingested into analytics.

Enter CampTag – The silver bullet to managing marketing taxonomy across teams.

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– Keegan D’souza




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