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Hi PH! ????

I built FindMyArea to solve a pretty common problem: how do you decide what neighbourhood you should live in?

Right now answering this question typically involves a mix of Googling and asking others, which is very time-consuming — not to mention highly subjective.

FindMyArea solves this by mirroring the thought process you might go through when searching for the right area to live. It just needs to know what is:

– Essential to you. For example, your property budget and commute time to the office.
– Nice to have. Such as local green spaces, lots of French speakers and a Waitrose in the vicinity.

Then with a bit of maths and magic, it recommends areas to live in London that match your criteria.

Some other neat features:

– You get a detailed breakdown of how each area measures up to your criteria
– You can easily update your criteria to see how this affects your results (e.g. you can see how the recommended areas change if you increase your budget a bit or if you’re willing to put up with a slightly longer commute)
– You can save your search to a shareable link

Eventually I’d like to turn FindMyArea into a tool where you can find the right area for anything.

Not just finding areas to live in, but also areas that are ripe for investment or relocating to if you’re a digital nomad (or for the perfect holiday, if that’s more your thing).

Currently the only way you can do this is using GIS software, which makes it pretty inaccessible to the average user!

Anyway, that’s just a distant goal for now. Let me know what you think of this first version! (btw the design isn’t great — I’m a data scientist, not a web developer ????)

– Iskander Yusof




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