Leanr — A simple calorie/macro tracker

Hey everyone! Im the creator of Leanr, a simple no-bloat calorie and macro tracker.

Over the last couple years Ive undergone a complete change in lifestyle and lost a significant amount of weight and during the process Ive used nearly every type of tracker available: Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Google sheets, pen and paper- you name it.

Each platform had its pros and cons. Google sheets was clean(ish) and cross-platform, but not as quick to use as I wouldve liked, and the mainstream apps were too bloated with features I had no use for and not properly accessible by my PC, which im on much more than my phone.

Knowing I could do it better, Ive created Leanr- a macro tracker for informed dieters who dont need unnecessary features gettings in their way. Everything will always be toggleable, so you never have a feature thrown in your face your not even going to use.

I personally use the app every day, and would love to hear feedback and feature suggestions, which can be sent through here or the send feedback button in the settings of the app.

Thanks all ????

– Logan




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