Mesmer Sidecar — Rapidly build accessible and inclusive apps

Hey Product Hunt Folks,

We believe: Apps must be built for everyone. Apps must be accessible.

We’re excited for you to check out Mesmer Sidecar Beta for Android Accessibility Testing.

Sidecar helps dev teams build more accessible and inclusive apps. Think about catching accessibility issues before you commit your code. Before the PR. Before it hits an app store.

And, most importantly before a disabled user is totally frustrated by your app.

After all, there are more than 1 Billion people worldwide who identify as having a disability. Disabled users likely account for more than 15% of your users. And, 10% of your life will likely be lived with a disability.

Download Sidecar here:

And, you’ll be able to:
+ Automatic Crawl – Automatically crawl through Android activities to check dozens of screens at once.
+ Check by Screen – Manually check any screen from a locally connected device.
+ Validate Checkpoints – Validate a handful of accessibility checkpoints to improve your user experience.

July is #DisabilityPride month. And, we wanted to release Sidecar to Beta this month to help app developers keep disabled users’ accessibility needs in the forefront.

Mobile Accessibility is challenging with lots of edge cases. So, we’re looking for your support and feedback on how to make Sidecar work seamlessly across different apps, development environment configurations, and use-cases.

Give it a spin and provide us feedback about Sidecar Beta!
– @dmerritts

– Dan Merritts




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