Orbital — Fun and interactive audio spaces for teams and communities

Hello, ProductHunters! We are SO excited to be launching Orbital to the community today.

We started Orbital because we experienced a change in team dynamics when we started working from home last year. Meetings meant rummaging for the Join link, communicating with boxes on a screen, getting kicked from video calls when the host left, passing screen share back and forth. It was a nightmare, and we weren’t the only ones feeling that way. Almost 1 billion unproductive business hours were wasted in 2020 and 54% of workers report experiencing adverse physical and mental effects – all due to video call burnout.

Enter Orbital! Here’s how it works: You get a custom avatar which you can move around the space. You only hear people who are close to you. That means that unlimited people can use the same space, called a Galaxy.

Your Galaxy is open 24/7 and can be fully customised to create any world you can imagine. Create a coffee shop and pop in for a quick catchup. Design your dream office for open-door hours. Cowork together through the day on virtual beanbags and trundle tables. Interactive tools such as whiteboards, sticky notes, link libraries, etc.

Our users say it best, “This is what remote work is supposed to feel like!”

????️ ‎ ‎ Pop by our demo galaxy for a chat right now! We’ll be hanging out all day. We’re happy to answer your questions, or just talk about growth, tech, and startups in general. https://app.orbital.chat/invite/galaxy/fd8b60e6-9339-4439-b274-c153ab88c13e

???? ‎ ‎ Use the code “PRODUCTHUNT” to get 20% off your first 3 months!

We’ll be releasing some new graphics this week, based on the PH community vote. Comment below and let us know which one you want us to add to the app first!
???? ‎ ‎ Treehouse Office
⛱ ‎ ‎ Poolside
???? ‎ ‎ Campfire
???? ‎ ‎ 90s Pizza Parlour
???? ‎ ‎ Deserted Island
????‍☠️ ‎ ‎ Pirate Ship
????‍♀️ ‎ ‎ Magical Forest
???? ‎ ‎ Mad Scientist Lab
???? ‎ ‎ Cinema
???? ‎ ‎ Games Room

Please let us know your feedback! We appreciate any comments or suggestions, and we LOVE satisfying user requests. We’re constantly trying to improve Orbital and your input has a huge impact.

Much love ♥
Ashley, Tom, and the Orbital Team

– Ashley Porciuncula




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