SPARQ — Personal finance platform for Millennials and Gen Z

Hello Community,

Let me introduce myself! My name is Danila Belokons and I’m the founder of SPARQ – the new European personal finance platform.

We are developing in 3 main directions:

1. Payment Solution: Send money fast within EU; instant onboarding and European IBAN account; VISA prepaid card.
2. Money Management Solution: Track your expenses, income, needs, and savings in one place. Navigate through daily money management routine with our in-app personal assistant “SPARQAN”. He helps set up budget limits and gives feedbacks on actions you’ve taken in SPARQ.
3. Gamification Framework. The Story of Financial Hero. Complete Financial challenges, collect qpoints, track your progress and achieve financial harmony.

We’ve developed and launched only 1/3 of our idea – A payment solution. In order to develop a money management and gamification solutions, we need to close the SEED round. To get the funding we need more traction. Every download will lead us to the next stage. It’s free for you and it will help us!!!

We benefit each user with the Early Adopters pack, which includes a special edition card, additional qpoints and Early Adopter Status.

Thank you for your time and let’s SPARQ!

– Danila Belokons




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