Workona App for Zoom — Collaborate better on team projects in your Zoom meetings

Our team at Workona is excited to launch a better way to collaborate on projects — right in your Zoom meetings!

Over 250,000 people use Workona workspaces to organize all of the cloud docs & links for a project in one place. Now as a Zoom Apps Launch Partner, we’re bringing workspaces into Zoom meetings!

The problem:

With more people collaborating on projects remotely than ever before, we saw a need for more structure and organization in Zoom meetings.

• Project work is scattered across cloud apps and hard to bring together for a work session or project check-in.
• The project docs you share during the meeting don’t persist, so team members don’t have one place to find them after the meeting is over.
• Important discussions, decisions, and action items for the project are often lost or forgotten.

The solution: Project workspaces in Zoom

Without leaving the Zoom meeting, your team can share and access all of the cloud docs and links for a project, take meeting notes, and capture action items. Instead of work being scattered across the cloud, it’s in one place and accessible to the whole team — even after the meeting ends.


???? Keep the meeting focused
No more waiting for team members to track down the right doc! Everything for the project is already in the workspace.

???? Better remote collaboration
Workspaces allow everyone in the meeting to look at the same thing — no guesswork required.

Nothing slips through the cracks
With notes and tasks built into the workspace, everyone has one place to keep track of important project discussions, decisions, and action items.

Organized project meetings
You only have to gather project materials once, and then they’ll always be available.

???? Use before, during & after meetings
Team members can access the workspace anytime at to find what they need and drive the project forward.

– Quinn Morgan




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