Zatalogue — where friends and movies come together

Hello hunters,

This is Yash from Zatalogue.

I am very much excited to launch Zatalogue: a social media platform where friends and movies come together.

Zatalogue is a platform that helps you to:
• Keep track of every film you ever watched.
• Write and share movie reviews among your friends.
• Follow friends and other users to read their reviews for any movie you want.
• See what your friends are watching to keep up with them.
• Compile and share catalogue of films on any topic and maintain a watchlist
• Refer movies to your friends and ask for referrals if you wondering what to watch.
And ya there is a lot more.

So do checkout:

Also if you want to checkout all the movies which I have rated so far in Zatalogue, here is the link to that:

We are currently only mobile compatible and will be releasing desktop version very soon.

Do signup on the platform and let us know of any feedback.

Team Zatalogue

– Yash Agrawal




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