AI Background Remover — Remove the background of any image in 3 seconds on the web

???? Hey hunters! I am excited to present you with the latest product I’ve been building: a free web-based Background Remover tool using PhotoRoom’s in-house image segmentation AI.

There are dozens of tools to remove image backgrounds. So what’s different this time?

1. We’re building custom deep learning models to make sure we can remove backgrounds accurately in most situations.
2. PhotoRoom goes further than removing backgrounds. Using our mobile apps (and soon, our web app), you can add 3d shadows, outlines, blurs, text, and many more effects.

This background remover tool is our first step towards providing the PhotoRoom image editing experience on the web. Our short-term roadmap includes interactive segmentation, effects, and HD download.

If you want to learn more on how this works, comment below, and we’ll make sure to answer.


– Vincent




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