Datature Portal — Portal is the fastest way to inspect your vision models

Hey ProductHunt ✌????

Ever wondered if there’s a better way to visualize and discuss neural network results apart from Jupyter Notebooks or using cv2?

???? Portal is the easiest way to visualize neural network inferences. For ML engineers and data teams, sharing visual results is challenging and time-consuming as people would run cv2 or matplotlib over and over in Jupyter Notebooks just to visualize the results ????

???? So we made a web-based application to do this! This way, users can adjust confidence thresholds, filter tags, change IoUs and visually inspect their models easily! This works on both bounding boxes, masks and videos.

???? It works on videos so you can look at inference results frame-by-frame while adjusting thresholds, and IoU settings without having to re-run the entire prediction!

???? Users can load custom fine-tuned / transfer-learning FasterRCNN, YoloV3, MaskRCNN, MobileNet, and more into Portal!

???? For custom architecture, users can easily change the codes in the repository to make it work for your own models! That’s why we open-sourced Portal. It’s a team sport in OSS and everyone can build their own extensions!

???? Features work out of the box without coding! Feel free to ship it along your models or make adjustments to logo to fit your clients’ needs. The code are yours to work with and we just want to make complex features accessible to everyone ????

Thank you for checking us out and all the love we received in our previous launch at… – your suggestions shaped this new app – so this launch is for all of you ✌????

– Keechin




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