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Hey Product Hunters,

Come say hi to our newly launched product suite,! ✨ We’ve spent so much time testing and tinkering with this and we’re really excited to finally roll it out! is built with the mission to empower imagination through artificial intelligence.

@designsdotai is an online creative platform that uses proprietary AI technology to make design accessible to everyone. Even without design experience, you’ll be able to create stunning marketing materials in less than 2 minutes with the help of our user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools.

– All-in-one integrated suite
– Huge content library
– Cloud storage and hosting
– Online-based software
– Manage brand assets easily
– Share and collaborate

All the creative tools you need in one platform:
1. Logomaker – Use our AI logo generator to launch your brand with a unique logo and a full brand identity kit. Choose from over 10,000+ icons.
2. Videomaker – Use our text-to-video technology to transform articles, posts, and text scripts into powerful, fully-edited videos in more than 20 languages.
3. Speechmaker – Our text-to-speech technology allows you to convert text scripts into realistic voiceovers with multiple languages, tones and pitches.
4. Designmaker – Simply input your text, select a dynamic design template, and use the design wizard to generate thousands of potential variations.

We’re giving ProductHunt users a FREE 30-day Basic trial subscription to our entire suite, just enter the code DSAIPH30 in

Do give it a run and share your feedback and comments with us!

To know more about our AI-powered online platform, check out our website at 🙂

– Alice Thompson




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